Review: Off the Grid by Robert McCaw

I must first state that FSB Associates offered me a copy of Off the Grid along with the last book I reviewed Rouge.

Typically I don’t read a lot of mysteries. Usually it follows the old story of some girl is killed horribly, or a number of girls and young women, and then there is the damaged detective who is trying to silence some demon as he/she tries to find and arrest the killer. The ones that draw my attention are the ones that don’t stick to that formula. Off the Grid by Robert McCaw is one of those stories, somewhat. There are two killings in the same day, and as Koa Kane, the detective trying to solve the murders and fighting office politics, investigates the murders he discovers that they are related.

The beginning is a bit slow, since there is quite a bit of backstory for several of the characters, some of it isn’t necessary. Once the McCaw gets into the story it’s like a roller coaster, the story kept me involved. Beyond the two murders there’s a very real war from Kosovo and the bombing of the Chinese embassy. And then there is a contentious election for governor happening at the same time. Going with premise that if a gun shows up in the story then it has to be used, I knew that somehow all of these strings would come together and they did, beautifully.

This is the second in the series, and if you’re looking for a new mystery writer give McCaw a read.

Enjoy this long July 4th weekend. (And if you’re like me you will have several books waiting.)


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