Out of Isolation

It’s strange to think that for the last three weeks I have been in isolation within my home. On 12 March I came home from work and had a coughing fit. I automatically became concerned about what it could mean. The next day, Friday I had another coughing fit and was a bit warm, but it wasn’t anything that I felt should keep me at home, after all it could merely be a cold. And once I was at work I didn’t feel that bad. Then on Sunday the 15th everything changed. I was feeling awful and when I was … Continue reading Out of Isolation

Review: Off the Grid by Robert McCaw

I must first state that FSB Associates offered me a copy of Off the Grid along with the last book I reviewed Rouge. Typically I don’t read a lot of mysteries. Usually it follows the old story of some girl is killed horribly, or a number of girls and young women, and then there is the damaged detective who is trying to silence some demon as he/she tries to find and arrest the killer. The ones that draw my attention are the ones that don’t stick to that formula. Off the Grid by Robert McCaw is one of those stories, … Continue reading Review: Off the Grid by Robert McCaw