After a Break

After three good months of working, reading and cooking I found that one week I was ignoring the signs that something was happening. Then I had a spell and was ill for two weeks. I’d like to write that during those two weeks I was able to read a lot. That however, was not what happened. Instead, I slept quite a bit and attempted to go to work, only to then have all of the symptoms that sent me back to the sofa to rest. At the beginning of the month I started reading The Water Dancer by: Ta-Nehisi Coates. … Continue reading After a Break

Review: Off the Grid by Robert McCaw

I must first state that FSB Associates offered me a copy of Off the Grid along with the last book I reviewed Rouge. Typically I don’t read a lot of mysteries. Usually it follows the old story of some girl is killed horribly, or a number of girls and young women, and then there is the damaged detective who is trying to silence some demon as he/she tries to find and arrest the killer. The ones that draw my attention are the ones that don’t stick to that formula. Off the Grid by Robert McCaw is one of those stories, … Continue reading Review: Off the Grid by Robert McCaw

Weekend Reading

Let’s face it: any day is a good day to read. My favourite days to read though are on those cold, grey, rainy days. When I can curl up with a cup of tea, chocolate (or cookies, or chocolate cookies), under a blanket, with candle light and Brandon nestled with his head against my leg reading. And while reading at home is my favourite place whenever I have to go someplace where I’ll have to wait I take either a book or magazine (Usually something like The New Yorker) and I read. Due to some of the jobs I’ve had, … Continue reading Weekend Reading

An Escape Day

It’s not yet 9:30 am. And it’s raining. Before I started my current job I loved staying at home reading a book, and possibly baking cookies to go with my tea. Today I have to go to work, and there are no windows to look out to enjoy the rain. Several years ago when I started PAGES OKC I had this plan for rainy days at work. I’d dress in flowing slacks and after making a pot of tea, I’d sit on my office sofa with my dogs and possibly the office cats, and chose one of the ARCS to … Continue reading An Escape Day

Planning November

After spending Halloween watching specials and The Haunting without having to worry about any trick or treaters I’ve spent yesterday and today cleaning. There are memes about spending time reading over cleaning, but you really don’t want to follow those memes. Books collect dust, which is awful for someone with allergies I can’t go too long without dusting, and if you don’t clean your books you risk damaging your books, and you could get an infestation of silverfish.¬†As of this writing I have only two bookcases to dust, which I’ll finish on Monday. This month I decided to read all … Continue reading Planning November

Three Books, One Weekend

I knew when I started The Fireman by Joe Hill that I would be with the book for several days, it’s over 750 pages. As I was reading the book on Saturday I began to feel that it was too mean and I needed a change, possibly a nice murder mystery. If you’re unfamiliar with The Fireman it’s about what happens when a spore breaks lose causing Dragonspore, a tattoo like marking on the body and if you’re under stress or angry you will burst into flame. Cities and forests burn. The meanness that I mention was completely appropriate to … Continue reading Three Books, One Weekend

Thoughts on The Night Circus

Normally, when I finish a book that I’ve loved I close it with a smile and a hug, perhaps a pet, and a good stretch (after putting the book on the sofa or bed). Occasionally, the when the main character or author ends the book in a way I don’t like (Disgrace) I close the book with a carefully chosen profanity (sonaofbitch). But then there are books that make me cry. The books that bring tears vary. Book where the emotion of the characters has closely matched mine (Persuasion) or where a beloved character has died (too many to name). … Continue reading Thoughts on The Night Circus

Thoughts on Halloween Reading

Two weeks into the month and I’m already on my fifth Halloween read: Night Circus. It’s a book I’ve had for a few years and when I began thinking about my October reading I decided this would be the year to read it. I began the book on Tuesday, but had to put the book aside until today. I will finish this book before bed tonight. Last weekend I read The Monsters: Mary Shelley and the Curse of Frankenstein. Last year I read Miranda Seymour’s biography of Mary Shelley. What surprised me in the reading The Monsters was the history … Continue reading Thoughts on Halloween Reading

A Bit of Early Halloween Reading

About August for the past few years I’ve looked at my shelves and tried to determine what I would read in October. Before August passes into September I already had four books chosen for Halloween reads. This does not include a book that for the past three years has been read every October: The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Over the next two days I have an event I’m working and so on Sunday I plan on curling up in bed all day with Haunting and reading it, enjoying it and getting ready for October. I finished The … Continue reading A Bit of Early Halloween Reading