April Roundup

Most people may remember April as the month they went slowly insane. I will view April as a lovely month, when I didn’t have to be sociable and I was allowed to stay in my bedroom reading. If there was one negative it was that my chocolate stores were all closed, and I wasn’t getting out for anything. April was an excellent month for reading. After reading The Queens of Animation I went on to read Ninth Street Women. Before this book my knowledge of women who were part of the Abstract Expressionist movement was Lee Krasner. In the 1990s … Continue reading April Roundup

Out of Isolation

It’s strange to think that for the last three weeks I have been in isolation within my home. On 12 March I came home from work and had a coughing fit. I automatically became concerned about what it could mean. The next day, Friday I had another coughing fit and was a bit warm, but it wasn’t anything that I felt should keep me at home, after all it could merely be a cold. And once I was at work I didn’t feel that bad. Then on Sunday the 15th everything changed. I was feeling awful and when I was … Continue reading Out of Isolation

After a Break

After three good months of working, reading and cooking I found that one week I was ignoring the signs that something was happening. Then I had a spell and was ill for two weeks. I’d like to write that during those two weeks I was able to read a lot. That however, was not what happened. Instead, I slept quite a bit and attempted to go to work, only to then have all of the symptoms that sent me back to the sofa to rest. At the beginning of the month I started reading The Water Dancer by: Ta-Nehisi Coates. … Continue reading After a Break

Sisters. There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters.

Since the beginning of the year I have read two books that deal with sister relationships. While the books are vastly different they handle the messiness of sister relationships in interesting ways. Both of the narratives have stayed with me even as I turn to other books. And if you’re looking for works that are being talked about on Booksagram here are two that have kept me returning to their stories. The first, Long, Bright River I started reading in November of last year and was hooked. It explores the relationship of Mickey and Kacey. Mickey is a police officer … Continue reading Sisters. There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters.

One of My 2020 Goals

I own a few cookbooks. My collection was started nearly 25 years ago. Cooking has always been a stress reliever. Chopping, knowing when to add ingredients, making certain nothing burns, or with baking kneading dough, shaping and cutting. You have to be present, otherwise you could seriously hurt yourself by cutting a finger, burning your hand, or leaving food available for a mouse to drown in a sauce. My collection is a bit of nearly everything. Anytime I saw a book that sounded good I bought. When I sat down with the books I could have slips of paper that … Continue reading One of My 2020 Goals

How to Screw Up Horror

Today, I started on the last book for Halloween Reads. Since I focus for one straight month of horror I’m able to notice flaws in stories that I might not notice if I was reading horror followed by another genre. During the last three years I’ve had two different books, but two different authors that truly upset me after I put the book aside. And since there are readers out there who are thinking about the novel they want to write during NaNoWriMo I want to touch on my biggest pet peeve when it comes to horror. In both novels … Continue reading How to Screw Up Horror

Horror as a Love Story

I can’t remember when I first watched The Haunting, the film directed by Robert Wise, what I can remember is that it left an impression. Never seeing the things that go thump in the night, watching the reactions of Eleanor and Theo were so much more frightening than actually seeing anything. It became one of the first movies I had to watch at Halloween. Years after I started watching it whenever it came on TV I decided to read the Shirley Jackson book. That was it. I had, and still have, a difficult time watching my beloved movie because I … Continue reading Horror as a Love Story