February Roundup

When I look at my stack of read books I feel that the month was wasted. Only four books read this month and nearly a fifth. Along with the books shown, I have been reading The Best American Short Stories 2007. Most nights, I feel like abandoning the book and moving on the fifth volume of Virginia Woolf’s diary. The BASS has been disappointing. At times I feel that I should keep giving it a chance, since there are stories by authors I love, but often I feel that I should simply move on. I adore the works of Toni … Continue reading February Roundup

Trapped in a Cult

In September I was contacted by She Writes Press asking if I would be interested in reading a memoir about a woman who was in a cult for seven years. The book was The Burn Zone by Renee Linnell. I said yes. After finishing my Halloween reading I knew this would be the first book I’d read as I moved into my non-fiction November. First, I’ll admit that I watch programs about cults. If there’s another documentary about Jonestown I’m watching and I’ve been watching Leah Remini’s program on Scientology. As I watch these programs I’ve always wondered how an … Continue reading Trapped in a Cult

Planning November

After spending Halloween watching specials and The Haunting without having to worry about any trick or treaters I’ve spent yesterday and today cleaning. There are memes about spending time reading over cleaning, but you really don’t want to follow those memes. Books collect dust, which is awful for someone with allergies I can’t go too long without dusting, and if you don’t clean your books you risk damaging your books, and you could get an infestation of silverfish.¬†As of this writing I have only two bookcases to dust, which I’ll finish on Monday. This month I decided to read all … Continue reading Planning November