Missing You: A Love Story

Several months ago I had a talk with a man who owed over 3,000 books. He told me his collection contained a number of leather bound and first editions. He found himself between homes and put his library into a storage unit, one that was not climate controlled. When he went to check on his books a number had turned to dust. The fluctuations between the heat and cold ruined nearly his entire library. Hearing his story brought back fears I’ve had since my own library went into storage. In 2006 I started the year living in Dallas. By spring … Continue reading Missing You: A Love Story

Too Much Reality Makes Me Sick

I almost didn’t write this post tonight. For the past several months I’ve been dealing with health issues. It also doesn’t help that the job I have leaves me feeling depleted and unable to do much after work. In the last month I was able to finish only one book, three others were abandoned. After a stress filled day all I feel like doing is sleeping. Sitting for even half an hour is enough to find sleep calling to me. While I understand that there will be days filled with activity and leaving little room for reading I have tried … Continue reading Too Much Reality Makes Me Sick

I Collect Books

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve read a lot about Marie Kondo’s recommendation about getting rid of books. Some of my family members have tried to talk me into getting rid of a number of books. I chose to ignore those hateful comments. I view my library differently than most. Instead, of looking at my books and thinking that I need to cull books I haven’t read or may never read I see the holes. When I lived in a one bedroom apartment and every wall was covered by a bookcase, whenever I dusted the shelves I would think … Continue reading I Collect Books

Planning November

After spending Halloween watching specials and The Haunting without having to worry about any trick or treaters I’ve spent yesterday and today cleaning. There are memes about spending time reading over cleaning, but you really don’t want to follow those memes. Books collect dust, which is awful for someone with allergies I can’t go too long without dusting, and if you don’t clean your books you risk damaging your books, and you could get an infestation of silverfish. As of this writing I have only two bookcases to dust, which I’ll finish on Monday. This month I decided to read all … Continue reading Planning November

Rethinking Goals

  We always think about our goals in December and January. I’ve been thinking about my goals lately with September and school beginning. I half wished that I could have made a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. As I mentioned in an earlier post I’ve been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin this year. The book is divided into months. At the beginning of each month I’ve read the chapter for that month. This month I decided to read September’s chapter at the end of August. The chapter talked about reconnecting with a passion. Part of what I’ve been … Continue reading Rethinking Goals

August Roundup

  There are some weeks, that stretch into months when I simply can’t focus on a book. Instead the need to day dream, to plan, becomes overwhelming. I look at Pinterest, Instagram a couple of accounts on Facebook, and lots of magazines. I create lists and check off to – do lists (I actually tend to do that even when I’m not day dreaming). Going into August especially after admitting that I had to close a book / reader based arts group I’d started and had been dreaming of creating for close to a decade, I needed to try to … Continue reading August Roundup

Publishing Trend: World War II

  If you’re like me the thought of September brings a bit of excitement as the publishing houses come out of there summer vacations and beach reads and start to publish books with more meat to them. In the past few weeks publishers have been giving readers a taste of the books about to be released. Something I’ve noticed is a sizable number of books being published about World War II. The books being published is a continuation of the fairly sizable number of books already published about women in World War II. Several years ago I took a course on … Continue reading Publishing Trend: World War II

I Want a Dodo, NOW!

Imagine a world where dodos are pets, brought back from extinction. A degree in literature will land you a job in MI. When you attend a performance of a Shakespearean play you could be cast in the play or become an active audience member. Bookworms can literary drop you into a book. People are named after their favourite authors or characters, so for instance, you could be Jane Austen #400,243 (because you need to know which Jane Austen you’re talking to). Imagine another world where the nursery rhythms are real. Mary Mary and Jack Spratt are both police detectives. The … Continue reading I Want a Dodo, NOW!

A Heaven for Bibliophiles

  The first bookstore position I was offered was when the first Barnes & Noble opened in Oklahoma City. I was, in fact, the first person they hired. I remember having my hand shook and being told, “You’re the first person we’ve hired.” At the time I was working at Home Depot as a cashier, they were one of the few retailers willing to work with my class schedule. The next day I worked at Home Depot I gave my two week notice. Something happened, and I did not open that first B & N store. I did open the … Continue reading A Heaven for Bibliophiles