Missing You: A Love Story

Several months ago I had a talk with a man who owed over 3,000 books. He told me his collection contained a number of leather bound and first editions. He found himself between homes and put his library into a storage unit, one that was not climate controlled. When he went to check on his books a number had turned to dust. The fluctuations between the heat and cold ruined nearly his entire library. Hearing his story brought back fears I’ve had since my own library went into storage. In 2006 I started the year living in Dallas. By spring … Continue reading Missing You: A Love Story

Cleaning Your Books

Most of my career has been working in bookstores. I started working for Borders before moving on to Barnes and Noble and then working at Half Price Books. At the first two stores my knowledge was based on the popular books, figuring out which book the customer was looking for when all they could remember was an image, color of the cover or where they saw the book discussed. The knowledge I learned at Half Price was about how to take care of used books, and assigning a momentary value. Books would come into Half Price in boxes, carts and … Continue reading Cleaning Your Books