Planning November


After spending Halloween watching specials and The Haunting without having to worry about any trick or treaters I’ve spent yesterday and today cleaning. There are memes about spending time reading over cleaning, but you really don’t want to follow those memes. Books collect dust, which is awful for someone with allergies I can’t go too long without dusting, and if you don’t clean your books you risk damaging your books, and you could get an infestation of silverfish. As of this writing I have only two bookcases to dust, which I’ll finish on Monday.

This month I decided to read all of the nonfiction that has been sent to me. If I have time I’m planning on reading Eric Larson’s The Garden of the Beast, which I understand has some frightening parallels to current events.

And as we start NoNaWriMo I’ve decided to participate in my own way. Last year I wanted to see if I could write something in my journal every day. This year I want to write three short stories. From the time I graduated high school until a few years ago I did whatever I could to have time to write and I had a few acceptances, and a few publications. I stopped writing about six years ago. It seemed as though there were too many people pulling on me and I just couldn’t find time to write. Before I completely gave up, during my meal breaks at the bookstore I would use a notebook to write essays about the reading I was doing. That turned into my first blog which lead me here.

So, tomorrow, after a few errands, I’m coming home to read The Burn Zone by Renee Linnell (which seems like a good transition from Halloween reading to my regular reading).

How many of you are planning to participate in NoNaWriMo? Are you planning on writing a novel or something else?

Enjoy your weekend and your book.

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