October Roundup


Last night I finished my Halloween Reading for this year. and with the last Halloween Read (Let Me Tell You by Shirley Jackson) I hit my goal of 45 books read this year. Three books I couldn’t get into and those have been removed.

If I knew how stressful The Fireman was I think I would have read it before reading The Night Circus. While reading The Night Circus I felt as though I’d fallen through a portal to another world and I really enjoyed that world. What is even more interesting is that whenever I think of The Night Circus I smell caramel and a whiff of smoke. And after reading the book I had, and still have, a craving for caramel popcorn. (I may have to have some as I watch scary movies today.)

For Halloween, along with reading horror and books with a dark bent, I also have my movies that I have to watch. It’s not Halloween without The Innocents with Deborah Kerr (based on the Henry James short story “The Turn of the Screw”), Psycho, Gaslight, Disney’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and of course the Robert Wise version of The Haunting (the best version of The Haunting of Hill House.) It’s a perfect day for horror movies, a cold front is moving in and we should have rain most of the day.

Have fun, turn off the porch lights and enjoy your candy while reading or watching your favourite horror.

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